Notification of changes in 69th TOPIK exam and Addition application for the TOPIK 70th

한국어 교육 지원
Korean Programme in NZ School
뉴질랜드 한국어 능력시험(TOPIK)은 매년 상/하반기 2회 실시하고 있으며, 상반기는 4월 중 오클랜드에서, 하반기는 10월 중 크라이스트처치에서 실시하고 있습니다. (다만, 응시인원이 10명 미만으로 적은 경우 취소될 수 있음) 

한국어 능력시험은 낮은 등급 순으로 1~6급으로 구분하며, 1~2급은 TOPIKⅠ, 3~6급은 TOPIKⅡ 시험에 각각 응시하여 획득한 점수에 따라 등급을 부여받습니다.  시험성적의 유효기간은 성적발표일로부터 2년간 입니다. 
TOPIK is conducted two times every year in New Zealand: The first test takes place in Auckland in April, and the second one in Christchurch in October. (The test can be cancelled in case of fewer than ten applicants apply).
TOPIK is divided into two levels, TOPIK Ⅰ is for applicants who need grades 1-2, and TOPIK Ⅱ is for those who need grades 3-6. The attained test score will determine the grade range. The valid period of the certification is two years since the test result was officially announced.


(Test Level)

TOPIKⅠ(Beginner)         TOPIK Ⅱ (Intermediate. Advanced)
듣기/Listening(100), 읽기/Reading(100)듣기/Listening(100), 쓰기/Writing(100), 읽기/Reading(100)
시험 등급(Grade)1급 (Grade 1)2급 (Grade 2)3급 (Grade 3)4급 (Grade 4)5급 (Grade 5)6급 (Grade 6)
등급 결정(Score Range)

80점 이상

(score 80 or higher) 

140점 이상

(score 140 or higher) 

120점 이상

(score 120 or higher) 

150점 이상 

(score 150 or higher) 

190점 이상 

(score 190 or higher) 

230점 이상 

(score 230 or higher) 


Notification of changes in 69th TOPIK exam and Addition application fo…

Due to consideration of the TOPIK Test taker's safety and health in this world with widely spreading Covid-19 case and to cooperate New Zealand's government's firm policy in protecting the people living in New Zealand, the Korean Education Centre is announcing to the change in 69th TOPIK exam which was to take on 23rd May (Saturday) to 70th TOPIK on 11th July (Saturday)

1. Changed Test Date: 11th July 2020 (Saturday)
-TOPIK 1: 9:00 AM (Entry time by 9:10)
-TOPIK 2: 12:10 PM (Entry time by 12:20)

2. Notification of the Registration Numbers and Venue Confirmation
: on 15th June (Monday)
-Through the Korean Education Website and personal e-mail

3. The test result will be on 20th August 2020

4. Addition Application: Refer to the 70th TOPIK Poster
-Period: From 16th April 2020(Thursday) to 15th May 2020(Friday)
-How to apply: Post or e-mail (No on-site application due to COVID 19)
-Application fee: TOPIK 1 (40.00 NZD) TOPIK 1 (50.00 NZD)

5. Inquiries
-Tel: (+64) 9-303-2625
If you are not able to take the TOPIK 70th Test due to personal reasons, the KEC will refund the full application fee(100%).
Please let us know by 11th May via E-mail.

6. Refund Policy

Application fee refund policy (New Zealand)
If applicants cancel the application, refunds will be given as follows.
1st Refund: Cancellation made during the application period (until Fri. 15 May 2020).
 100% application fee refund
2nd Refund: Cancellation made 1 week after the 1st refund period (until Fri. 22 May 2020).
 50% application fee refund
3rd Refund: Cancellation made after the 2nd refund period till before the 70th TOPIK test day. (until Fri. 10 July 2020).
 40% application fee refund